• "STABAT MATER" Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

    1 December 2017, Friday,19:00
    Nevsy 22-24, Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
    On the first day on December Chamber choir Cantarella will give a concert at the Lutheran church of Saint Paul and Peter.  With the wonderful organ accompioniment we will sing the "STABAT MATER" by G.Pergolesi.
    Stabat Mater is a musical setting of the Stabat Mater sequence, composed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi in 1736. Composed in the final weeks of Pergolesi's life,  it is scored for soprano and alto soloists, violin I and II, viola and basso continuo (cello and organ). This friday it will be femile choir and organ. The organ accompaniment by Sergey Silaevsky.
    Concert starts at 19:00
    Very welcome.

    The work is divided into twelve movements, each named after the incipit of the text. Much of the music is based on Pergolesi's earlier setting of the Dies Irae sequence.[3]
        "Stabat Mater Dolorosa" Grave, F minor, common time; duet
        "Cujus animam gementem" Andante amoroso, C minor, 3/8; soprano aria
        "O quam tristis et afflicta" Larghetto, G minor, common time; duet
        "Quae moerebat et dolebat" Allegro, E-flat major, 2/4; alto aria
        "Quis est homo" Largo, C minor, common time; duet
            —"Pro peccatis suae gentis..." Allegro, C minor, 6/8
        "Vidit suum dulcem natum" Tempo giusto, F minor, common time; soprano aria
        "Eja mater fons amoris" Andantino, C minor, 3/8; alto aria
        "Fac ut ardeat cor meum" Allegro, G minor, cut common time; duet
        "Sancta mater, istud agas" Tempo giusto, E-flat major, common time; duet
        "Fac ut portem Christi mortem" Largo, G minor, common time; alto aria
        "Inflammatus et accensus" Allegro ma non troppo, B-flat major, common time; duet
        "Quando corpus morietur" Largo assai, F minor, common time; duet
            —"Amen..." Presto assai, F minor, cut common time

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